Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Plurknovella Experiment

Plurkers are really interesting and knowledgeable people. One of the plurkers, metaweb, shared his website and the tool "Wordle." Think how you can use it in your classroom, teaching different content areas. I read about many ideas that plurkers shared... Here is my WORDLE:


Ruby said...

This is fascinating! Each Wordle is a work of art. I foresee using Wordles in my classroom. My students can key in spelling words, character names, science terms, family member names, and words that describe themselves. The Wordles can be used as ice breakers, study tools, and gifts. Unfortunately, I cannot open your Wordles. I will continue to try. I will add this Web 2.0 tool into my technology bag of tricks. Thanks Dr. S!

Technology Rock Stars said...

Dr. S

this is facinating and very interesting. When I first saw the Wordle, i thought what is this? As i looked more into Wordle, I immediately thoought of how I can use this during my student teaching. I thought of using this to help students in ESL learn to put words together to create sentences. Sometimes the English language does not seem to make sense to non native English speakers. This is an awesome to that can really help students in ESl strengthen their vocabulary and writing skills.

Thanks for another great and useful resources. You seem to find the best and userfriendly sites and resources. You are a Technology Rock Star.


Jenn Decatur said...

I think Wordle is a great tool to use! It seems like a fun way to take one topic and brainstorm all the words you can think about when it comes to that topic. It could be as simple as an "About Me" Wordle and each child's would be unique! This reminds me of the mind map on the web 2.0 tool I used, I could see myself doing a Wordle. Great source Dr. S!