Thursday, October 31, 2013

More Google Products | Hapara

Greater visibility... Deeper Insights... More Impact with Google Products | Hapara. Effortlessly.

With HAPARA teachers collaborate among themselves, connected with students, their parents and interact with the content in the safe digital learning environment. A dream to come true!
I wonder if my college will support and implement this on our campus...

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Implementing the principles of gamification and making the learning process engaging, teachers can create badges using ClassBadges site and award learners for their progress and achievements. Students LOVE games and overcome difficulties, complexity levels in video or digital games. They will be thrilled unwrapping the mysteries, complexity levels of learning and getting badges in the classrooms!

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Collecting News with Newsfeed - Newsle

A very interesting way to share your thinking and connections in the professional field with newsfeed - newsle. If you have facebook and LinkedIN accounts Newsle does it for you. Amazing!

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Create! Engage! and Assess! It is Epic!

I have just learned about the new iOS application and website called Newrpod. It is Phenomenal!
Just what teachers need in order to change the way traditional classrooms are run.

It is a multi-platform! You can connect your i-Devices (iPhone, iPad, android, PC/Mac), design engaging presentations with multi-media (videos, images, websites, etc.), integrate polls, quizzes, and assign interactive homework assignments expecting the answers coming to your e-mail box.
I was so excited about the program that immediately joined the site, created account, downloaded the Nearpod App to my iPad and attended the Webinear with Edward Zelarayan.
Create! Engage! Assess! with the mobile devices. Below is the certificate of participation in the webinear.

I cannot wait to try it out with my students and during the presentations at the conferences.
I also shared the link to the Nearpod on my sharedby website