Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Teaching and Learning in Digital Age

It is amazing what you can do nowadays while learning the content or preparing materials for teaching.

My workshop was a big hit at the CAE conference in Fairfield University in June, 2007.

Here is my PPT and wiki site at the workshop.

I was excited to share my enthusiasm about Web 2.0 environment with the participants at the workshop. I had about 40 people in the computer lab. Here are some pictures from the conference from my slide show at my Flickr site. There are so many tools and services on the Internet that can help to encourage students to be engaged in active learning and inspire teachers to teach effectively to the needs of digital students.
I hope my students in all my methods classes will have the same inspiration as I do in learning the new emergent technologies in order to effectively teach in the era of digital media and web 2.0 services.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Center For Academic Excellence

An exciting conference will take place on June 6 through 8 at Fairfield University, CT.

This is my second time to participate in this inspiring event.

I am conducting a workshop on the topic "Web 2.0 Environments: Challenges and Opportunities for Learning and Teaching."

I have a lot of ideas how to run the workshop. It depends on how much time I will be granted and what computer lab I will get for the session...