Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lively Google Experience

When I was plurking today I found out that the participants of the edublogers conference meet in Google Lively Group rooms. What a fascinating experience! It uses Second life interface! Look! It is me in the room:


Ruby said...

I clicked on the tab to enter the room but of course, I had to create an account. After a quick process, my avatar was in room with another avatar. Since I have never done this before I was nervous, therefore, I opted to leave the virtual room until I learn more about this tool.

Yes, I agree that this is a fascinating learning experience. It has potential in future classrooms because many people can meet in a virtual room rather a physical room.

In one week's time, I have created three avatars in three different web sites. I am processing this concept of the existence of a virtual Ruby. Once I re-learn, how to use this new tool it will be an exciting chapter as Net Gen teacher.

lizk said...

I can absolutely see the benefit of such a virtual experience for todays students. Not only is it a great way to incorporate technology and learning I can see where my students can benefit from being exposed to students anywhere in the world. I can only imagine the possibilities of learners from all over working together in virtual reality. This would definitely be a priceless experience for all involved.