Saturday, April 6, 2013

Global Education in Action

Global Education, global classrooms, global citizenship, global thinking -- these are new concepts of the current world we live. World is really becoming small with the new technologies and Internet. My Literacy and Technology class is participating in the global project, called Flat Classroom with July Lindsay, Vicki Davis and Lisa Durff. In the previous semesters I engaged my classes in the projects with Russia via Skype and WiziQ ("It's a Small world" The Moscow Institute of The International Relations); with Japan, China, Germany, France and Israel in IWE (International Writing Exchange Project), etc. It is exciting to open the doors to the world and expose students to different cultures, traditions, life styles and world view. Below is an example of a global collaboration between schools and students. Wikispaces and Glogster are used for students' interaction and project exchange.

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