Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Future of Education

I came across with this video-lecture of Michel Wesch, the author of several You Tube videos, like "Machine Using Us," About Weg 2.0, ""etc. This lecture is very powerful and controversial, it raises issues of the new skills, students, new learning and teaching environments, about the information in the media environment and challenges for us regarding the ways of creating the new classroom settings that involve the new media and tools that encourage active learning, active participation. I would like my students to view this video and reflect on it. I am proud to say that the tools the author mentioned in the video I know and use in my classroom when I teaching different courses in the educational program when training future teaches.


BioBlogger said...
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BioBlogger said...

Hi Dr S,
The video was intriguing. It's amazing and very sad that all students want to learn but most hate the way they're having to learn. I think as teachers we need to take a long look at our new digital student and realize that if we are to reach them we need to become involved in their world.