Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Research Whirpool

This summer is very busy.  Together with my colleague and friend, Dr. Bojan Lazarevic I wrote a proposal for Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) and invited one of my most recently discovered talents, Veronica Malloy. She was in my spring Science methods class and showed mature attitude and thinking to learning how to learn to teach innovatively with technology. She excelled in the class in so many dimensions. She initiated projects, learned fast the new tools and immediately applied them to lesson plans' or projects' design. She accepted the challenge of going above and beyond what was in the school science textbook/curriculum and helped in implementing the Seeds of Science Roots of Reading /Aquatic Ecosystems unit with the fifth grade science class at Bishop Dunn Memorial School. She spent extra time to read the teaching/learning materials, for brining the living things ordered from the company to the students and kept an eye on the created tabletop ponds in the fifth grade classroom for the students to learn about the properties of Aquatic Ecosystems firsthand. Students were thrilled and engaged throughout the entire process!

Veronica accepted a challenge to participate in the SURE project. AND... accepted the position of the President of the KDP local chapter that I am a counselor of. I will see Veronica a lot!

So -- I am working with Veronica and Bojan on the project "Transforming Classrooms with Emerging Technologies." Bojan and I also writing an article to share our views on the process of changing the paradigm forced by emerging technologies . Our plan to later write a book for a potential online Masters program in Learning Technologies. We agreed to write at least two paragraphs each day. I keep the promise!

I submitted three proposals for two summer conferences. They are both in Canada!
The first one is in Vancouver:
My friend and colleague from Canada, Nellie Deutsch and I are giving a workshop on how to use Moodle to engage learners in authentic learning.

The second is a paper presentation based on the experience my husband, Michael Edelstein, Nellie Deutsch and I had in 2014 running Healthy and Sustainable Living MOOC.

From Vancouver Mike and I will drive to Calgary where I will run a workshop "Going Double Digital: The Synergy of Technology and Pedagogy."

Besides that, I start teaching two course in summer semester II, beginning on June 28th, Psychology of Learning and teaching with Technology.  All in one time!