Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Great Blog Editor Tool

For those who use Firefox I would recommend to install the add-on extension ScribeFire. ScribeFire is an extension of Firefox ®; it enables users to easily drag and drop formatted text from the Web into their blog(s). After you have install it to your Firefox browser,it will appear on the bottom of your screen and when you are browsing through the readings, sites and assigned taks, you will be able to write your blog entries with a click of the button! Make your blogging fast and fun!


Ruby said...

Is it possible to fall in love with a Web 2.0 tool? It seems that it was love at first sight. After reading the article, I downloaded ScribeFire. My hope was to make the blogging process more enjoyable, flexible, and creative. With one simple keystroke, F8, the ScribeFire window appeared on the bottom of my screen. On the main screen, I read an article I wanted to comment on. Then I went to the window at the bottom, started typing, added a YouTube video, hit publish, and my entry was transferred to my blog. Thank you Dr. S, I foresee myself using this tool for a very long time. Finally, I can say that I enjoy blogging!

lizk said...

Ok now I am really out of my element. While I have learned a tremendous amount about many different types of technology this tool really is above me. But I have saved the information and will ask my kids to help me figure it out. I am not giving up!

MAWood said...

Now this is a helpful tip. This is something I have struggled with since the beginning of this class. I find something and can't get from here to there, as the saying goes. I will try this ScribeFire to see if that will assist me in moving items from place to place. Thanks Dr. S.