Monday, May 12, 2014

Google Teacher Academy Application 2014 - Classroom Innovation #GTAMTV

It is boring to live without a challenge! I love challenging myself! This time is a desire to join the community of Google educators! I was reading blog posts, tweets about Google Academy and viewed videos that teacher were creating to participate in this professional development program. I was jealous of the spirit and the excitement with which the posts or twitter messages were shared. I started dreaming to become a part of this community. I explored my options. Google invites teachers to apply for a Google Teacher Academy in different parts of the world throughout the year. I was thinking to apply several times but either the time or the place were not suitable.

This year I chose to participate in the summer session. There were  two programs offered: one in June, in Atlanta, but at the time when I am in Finland, presenting at the EdMedia conference.

So I applied for July GTA in Mountain View, CA.

The application consists of several parts. One of them is creating a one minute video. I created my video-story with Sparkol VideoScribe, the iPad application. It was quite an ordeal. The VideoScribe application seems to be still in a beta mode, it has some bugs, it was freezing a lot, or  would crush when I was about to publish the video. I spent hours to make it work... The application was perfect for setting up the story line within 1 min (better 59.6 sec). Adding music and the voice over was somewhat easy, as well. But it took me so much time to make it work. I would add music but the voice would not be recorded, or I would record the voice over, but the audio recording would not be alined with the pictures exactly how I planned it to be... Or when I would RE-record my story, the voice recording would be lost... BUT I didn't give up! I did it.  I submitted my application as a gift to myself of Mother's Day!

This is a very popular and competitive program! I noticed there were many school teachers, technologies among the applicants. I didn't see the videos of college professors. Hopefully I have a chance to win in this category!

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