Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bloom’s Taxonomy in Digital Interpretations

All years of me teaching the Methods of Teaching courses I gave an assignment to teacher candidates to create devices explaining their understanding of Bloom's taxonomy. There were quite a few interesting and creative ways expressing the meaning of the learning objectives' taxonomy of Bloom. Some students used an image of stairs, or a rainbow, or a pizza menue, etc. That was an unusual ways of them explain what Bloom's taxonomy means to them and how they will explain it to the parents in their classes or colleagues.

Bloom's taxonomy had some variations throughout the years, too. I follow Kelly Tenkely's blog posts from <iLearn Technology » where she shares her blooming peacock images:

 These are the levels of the original Bloom's taxonomy with the verbs for teaching objectives.

Below is the flower of the Bloom's taxonomy levels aligned with the digital tools and sites that can students help to express themselves on each level of the taxonomy. In her article Kelly adds the links to all the digital tools  she added to the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy flower.

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