Thursday, August 14, 2008

WiZiQ Public Session tonight

The day has come. I am doing my WiZiQ presentation "Exploding Education's Limits: Unlocking Learning with Web 2.0" tonight, at 7:00PM. I am incorporating different Web 2.0 tools to make the presentation engaging. Here is one of them, Wordle:


I hope it will help me to warm up the audience for the discussion of Web 2.0 technologies and what they does to education! Come, join and participate!

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Kate said...

I am very sorry that I had to miss your presentation; I was looking forward to attending and am sure it was wonderful. Aside from what I am learning in class, I have learned a ton from your blog, as well. I came to your blog today to have a look, discovered Wordle, and have been playing with it for the last hour! I am definitely going to find a way to incorporate it into my classroom, perhaps as an icebreaker or introduction; it is a ton of fun! Thanks for another great idea!