Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Online Communities and Networks

New Internet is known as the platform for collective intelligence, the space for creating connections with like-minded people, collaborate with different professional and similar interests' groups. It is also called a PLE - Personal Learning Environment - the setting in which a person sets his or her personal goals, manages content and processes of what he or she wants to learn or to collaborate and communicate with. I myself have become a member of a number of professional groups via social networks like Ning, Diigo, Plurk, EdTechTalk, Wikispaces, Moodlerooms, Pbwiki,WiZiQ, etc. I have learned so many educators who are constructivists by the nature of the current Internet, they are progressivists, digital advocates, forward-thinkers! I will share my impressinos about them in my future blogs. Today I would like to advertise
Ben Hazzard. He is kown in the virtual teachers' world for his publications and podcasts about web 2.0 and Smart technologies,.Now he is about to launch a site for teachers and with teachers -- Learning, Together -- "to collect artifacts of his projects, thinking, and journey through thought and as well as life." Very inspriring. Watch for it -- the date of launching is Friday, Aug. 15th, 2008. Good Luck, Ben!

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Ben said...

Hi Ludmilla,

Thanks for the kind words. The site is teachersconnecting.com and is now live! For a brief explanation: http://benhazzard.com/?p=70#content

Here is a welcome video:

See you in my PLE!