Monday, April 2, 2018

Want to Become a ThingLink Certified Educator? Roll up your Sleeves!

I have been using ThingLink for quite a while. I enjoy the idea behind the program: it engages diverse digital literacies and encourages creative thinking. With the 3D element, it becomes even more attractive to students as they are provided with Augmented Reality experience.
Much depends on how a teacher uses the program: in a traditional way selecting an image and adding the information to the icons, tags. OR a teacher creates a learning adventure, leading students' learning from task to task, encouraging creating thought, and calls for action.

Below are a few impressive ThingLink projects created by ThingLink certified educators from all over the country on diverse topics and for different subject areas. 
My project is one of them. Now it is on slide 4, a week or so ago it was on Slide one. The Community grows!
ThingLink Spotlight Speakers Published - Google Slides:
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I became a Certified ThingLink educator. Here is my badge:

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