Monday, August 29, 2016

Struggling with the Final Web of Wonders Projects

For the final project in my Teaching with Technology course teacher candidates were challenged to create final Web of Wonders projects, sharing something unique based on what they had been learning during 5 weeks of the intense summer course. It turned out to be a very difficult task in the beginning. Teacher candidates started asking me questions to specify the task and tell them what exactly was expected of them.  Of course, there was a description of the project in the syllabus, there was a rubric on eClass/Moodle course site. Most of the class needed more guidance.
I searched for examples of student creative multimedia projects on the Internet from all over the country and across the world and found quite a few. I shared the links with the class and posting them here:
In the end of the course, all students came up with their own solid ideas and designed impressive multimedia projects . They shared heir presentations with each other in our final virtual class and provided constructive feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Here are a few examples of the WoW projects from the summer 2016 course:

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