Sunday, January 24, 2016

I am Ready! I Love Challenges!

Tomorrow a new semester begins. I will be teaching four courses: methods of teaching science and social studies for elementary school children. I am always anxious to know what teacher candidates will be in my new classes: adventurous, curious, creative, open to new ideas and ways of teaching, or those who just want to slide through the course and get a grade. I am inspired by those who want to learn to teach and go above and beyond in exploring the are of teaching.

I have just found out that one of my best students, Lindsay Roe, who I wrote a recommendations, was accepted to Vanderbitt University with a merit scholarship. She thanked me in her Thank you card for helping her achieve her goal and "setting her on the path of looking for different opportunities and she called me "a guiding light." Such moments make my sleepless nights, hard work on the courses' design and improvements, worthwhile.

It is always challenging to start teaching a new course. Science attracts me, I am excited to learn new and revisit topics I studied long ago, but at the same time, I understand, science is not my field of expertise! I have already spent and will probably do more on exploring the science concepts and ways of teaching them in order to feel comfortable to share my insights with the learners in my classes.
I am ready! I love challenges!

I will be taking notes of my experience this semester to keep record of my discoveries and things I would not use again in the future.

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