Friday, May 3, 2013

Teacher, Teach Your students so that You Would Be Able to Learn From!

 There is a saying in Russia, "Teacher, teach your students so that later on you would be able to learn from them!"  I have just experienced a moment of bliss when Rebecca, my former student (graduated in 2005), came to my current graduate class and shared her phenomenal teaching experience in her second grade classroom.
The teacher candidates were blown away by what Rebecca had to say. She designed a prezi with the fragments of her teaching philosophy and her approach to educating, as she said not just students, but Human Beings! "Yes, Rebecca continued, there is a Common Core standards initiative you have to implement, the guidelines to follow...but there is also the CORE in you, who you are; do not loose it, apply your talents and skills to teaching your little human beings about life, instill in them a spirit of discovery, curiosity, sense of community, belonging, ownership and a sense of WONDER!" It was an amazing talk!
Below is the prezi  of Rebecca's talk with the pictures of her second graders and her WONDER-full classroom.

It was such a pleasure to see Rebecca and hear her creative ideas about teaching! She shared a lot to learn from! She was so inspirational and wise! It was an unforgettable experience!

This was a great finale for the course.

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