Sunday, March 3, 2013

BizWorld Programs at Bishop Dunn Memorial School

Since February 4th my three Social Studies methods classes were designing and implementing the lessons for the students of the three classrooms at Bishop Dunn Memorial School in Newburgh, NY. It was a great experience! In a way, it was an experiment. Instead of having the fieldwork in the end of the course, I started the semester with the fieldwork. Besides, teacher candidates were learning the content of the Bisworld programs and applying their new knowledge through designing 3 lessons each week: the direct instruction lessons to introduce and drill the new concepts; the inquiry lessons for students to explore and apply concepts they learned earlier in the new situations, and the cooperative learning lessons to engage students in creative tasks assigned by teacher candidates, bizworld-consultants. The three BizWorld programs were: BizWorld project in the second grade, where students were learning about economics, entrepreneurship via creation of friendship bracelets companies. BizMovie project in the 4th grade via starting movie production companies and creating movies. The third project was called BizWiz, in which older students, from 5th and 6th grades were exploring the investment strategies, investment trends and trading techniques. Below is the smilebox creation featuring the participants of the projects.

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