Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Unexpected Invitation

I got a call yesterday evening from one of my global friends from the Ukraine, a professor from the Ukrainian Pedagogical University, Dr. Tatyana Zubenko. We collaborated in the International Snowblog project  in 2010 and then she took classes with IT4ALL on Moodle afterwords. She is a very tech-savvy professor. Tatyana invited me to participate in the International webinar-conference "Pedagogical Education as a Condition of the Sustainable Development of the Society: Technological Aspects." It was a great feeling to participate in something that was arranged for the first time. The provost of the University greeted the participants and I was the first to present. I was sharing my experience with the Global Collaborative Projects and the technologies used to support collaboration and student engagement. It was difficult for me to speak Russian after 12 years speaking only English  as far as the Web 2.0 terms is concerned. I am used to discuss these topics in English.
Here is the link to my presentation: Global Collaborative Projects: What, How and Why.

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Tatyana Zubenko said...

Thank you very much for giving friend's shoulder. You got up early in the morning to participate in the conference and demonstrate colleague's support. I think not everybody can show such heroic deed. Thanks a lot.