Sunday, August 22, 2010

K12 Online Conference 2010: Spread the Word!

K12 Online Conference 2010

It is great to witness the process of blossoming of online conferences and join the conversation with educators around the world about bringing change to the current ways of teaching and learning.

IT4ALL is just about that too! We will hold a Connecting Online conference in 2011.

The themes for CO11 (February 4-6, 2011) presentations are:

1. Connecting Online to Improve Instruction and Learning: Online Learning and Instructional Experience
2. Experiences with technology in face-to-face and online classes. What worked and what didn’t work for you?
3. How do you use technology to promote and sustain your online workshops, consultation, and communities of practice and learning?
4. Research conducted on e-learning, blended online learning, and blended learning.
5. Reviewing or promoting books on integrating technology into the classroom, e-learning, blended learning, and blended online learning.
6. Challenges administrators, instructors, students, and community members face in connecting online.

The live online presentations include a 40 minute talk and 10 minutes for questions. Each presenter is accompanied by one or two moderators who introduce him or her and provide support.

You are invited to sign up and present.

Visit all the above mentioned sites and join the communities to become empowered with the knowledge of innovative ways of using Web 2.0 technologies in teaching.

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