Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snowblog CT Netcity International Project 2010

Today was the last session of the International Multicultural virtual project that I agreed to participate in during the Spring semester. I was invited to join the project in December by Gal Springman, the co-founder and coordinator of Snowblog project. I was scheduled to teach two online courses in the spring of 2010: Teaching with Technology and Literacy and Technology. I decided to invite my students to experiment and join the project to learn about integrating technology through using its tools in a context. It was in a way, a risky adventure. I knew nothing about the leader, about the project, and about the content of the project. But what a Russian would I be if I hadn't taken a risk and tried something totally unknown?!!

It turned out to be a powerful experience from the point of view of learning about the virtual projects, twists and turns of the project coordination by the educators from different cultures, time zones, and with different educational platforms, experiences and views.

I will need several blog entries to reflect on the project experience.

Here are the links to the final virtual meeting on WiZiQ and our team's Voicethread creation to greet and say Good Bye to the participants of the Snowblog Project 2010.

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