Thursday, December 25, 2008

Saying Good Bye to 2008

Happy Holidays with SmileBox!

Click to play Saying Good Bye to 2008
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vixon84 said...

I love this Smilebox scrapbook! Your pictures are lovely, and Aliyah is beautiful!! I enjoy scrapbooking very much, and this looks like a good way to share some of my photos with my family and friends who do not live near me. I am looking forward to trying this out myself. Thank you for sharing your site with me.


Rebecca said...

This Smilebox scrapbook is such a great idea! You seem to have a wonderful, loving family! I think that this would be a great gift for someone. I want to make one right now!!

Carol Tompkins said...

I made a scrapbook online with for Christmas and would love to try out Smilebox. I really like your pictures and its great to see a happy, loving family enjoying each other! I also liked how you added your voice on the sidebar with a cartoon like image of yourself. It is really creative =)