Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Follow my Example!

I am experimenting with the podcasting tools. There is an assignment to create one in my TwT class. I assigned my students to create first a PPT and record their comments to the slides and for High Achievers (HA) the challenge is to sign up for a podcasting site and create a podcast using the same content they created for the PPT. Not all my students were clear about the assignments.
So, I created a podcast just to show that is it possible and does not take too much time! Here is the link to my podcast. Follow my example!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Smirnova,
You are right about losing the fear and apprehension about technology. I can not believe that I was able to create a Podcast! I am so excited! This course is allowing me to realize resources that I would not otherwise be exposed to.

Barbi said...

I cannot access this link for some reason. Is there another way for me to view your podcasat?

Amy })i({ said...

Hi Dr. S.

I have become more confident using technology because I have learned so much from TWT. I think after I decided to just go for it, everything fell into place and I stopped being scared and nervous. I like the audio blogging. I think that resource is a good tool to use in school, especially for younger students who have not yet developed strong reading, writing, spelling and typing skills. They can easily speak into a microphone to record their thoughts. How do you find out about all the new technologies that are available? I am wondering because when the course is over, I'd like to keep up with the latest trends.

Amy M.

Dino Orfanos said...

Despite from frustrations, I am learning from this class and glad that I have taken it. I do still consider myself to be technically literate but I have still learned much more and added to that literacy. I have enjoyed using the blogs, wiki's, and podcasts. I can now see how to put all of these tools together and incorporate them into a lesson plan for teaching instead of just using them as part of a "direct instruction." Which means teaching with technology is more than just showing a youtube video, but a tool to help with higher levels and different multiple levels of learning.