Thursday, June 5, 2008

Learning from Mistakes

The time of the presentation came. The theme is "Integrating web 2.0 tolls with Learning Management System Moodle to Create Community of Active learners." I am presenting my workshop with Mary-Anne Campo, Director of Distant Learning at our college. We designed a presentation consisting of two parts, the PPT and practical part - playing with the Moodle tools on the Ninehub site. We felt very prepared and proud of what we designed for this workshop but when we came to the classroom (which was called B.E.S.T.) we found out that most of the sites and programs were blocked and the computers that were set up to project the presentations were not aligned. I was able to attached my laptop and was able to use the PPT from my computer. The audience was involved in the discussion of Web 2.0 tools right away and out of the group of about 40 participants, 4 or 5 knew the icons of the most popular Web 2.0 tools and services. When the characteristics of Web 2.0 platform were reviewed and the features of Moodle that make it an effective Learning Management System compatible with the Web 2.0 tools were discussed, I turned the floor over to Mary-Anne. She re-iterated the explanation of the Moodle's features was about to involve the participants in the activities that we posted on the site and...we found out that they were not able to complete the assignments being in the role of gusts. What a bummer! Now we know, we should have make them go through the process of creating their own accounts of Moodle on the Ninehub site. Well, we learned our lesson!

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